Don't Let SRP Tax the Sun


Rooftop solar is helping Arizona families, schools and businesses take charge of their power supply and their electricity bills like never before - and that private investment in local clean energy can help keep rates low for all of us.

But now one of the state's largest utilities, SRP, has proposed slapping a hefty fee on customers that go solar. This 'solar tax' is a thinly-veiled attempt to protect the monopoly utility's business interests by limiting its customers' energy options. This unjustified and unfair fee would impact existing and future solar customers alike. SRP needs to join its customers in the 21st century by meeting - not stifling - demand for solar.

If you are an SRP customer, sign our petition to speak up against this harmful solar tax.



Dear SRP Board:

We, the undersigned, are SRP electricity customers. We ask that SRP reconsider the proposal to single out solar customers for additional monthly fees and to require existing solar customers to pay new fees after only 10 years.

Private investment in local solar power delivers numerous financial benefits to all of your customers, even those without solar on their roofs: savings on expensive and polluting conventional power; reduced investments in transmission and distribution infrastructure; reduced electricity lost during transportation over power lines; and savings on the cost of meeting future carbon regulation. There are currently more than 360 solar companies at work throughout the value chain in Arizona, employing 8,558 people.

Your proposal significantly undervalues rooftop solar power at the expense of your own customers. It would hurt customers who have already made an investment in solar and would stifle continued rooftop solar growth. Instead, SRP should be serving its customers by allowing us to meet own electricity needs with solar power if we so choose.

Please reconsider SRP’s proposal to stifle rooftop solar in Arizona. At a minimum, please grandfather existing solar customers for 20 years. SRP is a community-based, non-profit utility with a proud history of serving our community’s energy and water needs. It’s time to continue that tradition by supporting customer participation in the energy marketplace.